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About Hotel in Tuzla with 3 *** – Hotel Tehnograd

Hotel “Tehnograd” represents an excellent choice for guests who are in the city of Tuzla come on business, as well as accommodation for tourists and other guests that the city of Tuzla and the region visited individually or in a group as well as the participants and visitors of various sporting events, conventions and trade shows. We guarantee that we are the best choice for your stay in the city of Tuzla, and no doubt you will recognize the quality of service we offer. In addition to hotel accommodation we offer our guests a rich buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi in common areas and rooms, telephone, private parking under video surveillance for hotel guests, cable TV in rooms, and a cozy and warm atmosphere during your stay at the hotel Tehnograd. Hotel Tehnograd is a 3 star hotel, renovated in 2011 and consists of 4 floors with a capacity for 150 people. Accommodation at the Hotel Tehnograd depending on your wishes can be in one of the single, double or triple rooms in the variants Classic and Royal, and in the presidential suite.

Modern interior of a large saloon suitable for different occasions and easily adapts to your needs, regardless of whether we organize weddings, conferences and seminars, or some other type of business meetings. The hall is equipped with ventilation, a wardrobe, a stage for musicians, modern lighting and other details. Within our restaurant there is also our kitchen with professional educated staff that is always there for your wishes. Within the services that we provide as a Hotel in Tuzla “Tehnograd” is also organizing weddings in our large room, which includes food storage, supply of drinks and making decorations and flowers, but we also allow our clients the possibility that during their wedding they themselves provide food and drink, and decorations and flowers.

One thing we can say for sure, we are here to help you pay tribute to an unforgettable experience by staying in our hotel, and with great pleasure we can say that in our hotel You are much more than a guest. Let us be your second home. Our main and only job, is to make your stay in Tuzla more comfortable and enjoyable regardless of whether it is a business trip or vacation, and be sure that we can do it.

We are in the top 40


According to statistics collected on the basis of information available on the site Booking.com, which is a member of The Priceline Group, the group that is a world leader in the provision of online booking and travel services that are associated with it, we can proudly say that the Hotel Tehnograd is situated in the top 40 hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of the total 1,073 buildings for accommodation of guests who are staying in the territory of during the Bosnia and Herzegovina. When elections are taken into account and hotels with 4 and 5 star, Hotel Tehnograd which currently has a 3-star ranks in the very top of the offer, which is offered in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Average satisfaction of our guests is 7.4, and it represents the average score of all recension we received since 2010, when the hotel renovated. In particular, we want to emphasize that we are trying to constantly improve our services and with great pleasure we can say that in 2015 we did not receive any evaluation of the quality of our services, which was below the 8 and constant progress.

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Historical overview

Redesigned website of hotel Tehnograd
Successfully completed activities of phase II of renovations 3rd and 4th floors of the hotel
Successfully completed activities of phase I renovations 1st and 2nd floors of the hotel
Hotel Tehnograd was founded and built jointly by members of SOUR ‘Tehnograd’ ‘

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